Psalm 96 – A New Song

musicCome, let us sing a new song to the Lord
Sing to the Lord all the earth!
Tell of His wonders and marvelous word
Sing, bless His name, praise His worth!

Great is the Lord so greatly we praise
He is supreme over all
Honor and majesty, strength He displays
Humbly before Him we fall.

All other gods are mere idols and frauds
He made the heavens above
Come to His presence, His beauty applaud
Sing of His pow’r and His love.

Worship the Lord for His glory and might
Give Him the glory that’s due
Tremble before Him, O earth be contrite
With His holy splendor imbued.

Tell the whole world that our Lord is the King
Firmly the world shall remain
Heavens rejoice and the forests all sing
The oceans and fields all exclaim!

The judge of the earth, Adonai, draweth near
His judgment is righteous and fair
Bow down before Him in reverent fear
Your heart and your soul now prepare.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 51

contriteO God, have mercy, have mercy on me
Wash me and cleanse me from my iniquity
Your lovingkindness is what I now plead
To blot out my sins and my evil deeds.

The weight of my sin now weighs on my mind
Relief from my guilt I can’t seem to find
Against You I’ve sinned, done wrong in Your sight
Your charges against me are just and right.

E’er since I was born sin ruled in my heart
But You want truth and wisdom would impart
Purge me with hyssop, remove every stain
Whiter than snow my life will then remain.

Let gladness and joy be sounds that I hear
The bones You have crushed rejoice and not fear
So from my sins please turn away Your face
Remove and put a clean heart in their place.

Create, O God, a clean heart deep inside
So that in me Your Spirit may abide
Restore to me the joy of being saved
Then I will teach the sinners and depraved.

Save me from guilt of blood that I have shed
Then I can sing my praise to you instead
It’s not burnt offerings that You desire
A contrite heart is all that You require.

Rebuild our walls, restore Your city now
Be pleased with blessings Zion to endow
Then offerings from hearts You have made right
And sacrifices will bring You great delight.

© 2014 J Dan Small