Psalm 98

joyO sing to the Lord a new song
For He has done wonderful things
By His right hand and His holy command
He saved us and now our heart sings.

His righteousness has been displayed
In faithfulness promise fulfilled
The whole world can see His great victory
No wonder our hearts are so thrilled.

Shout joyfully all of the earth
Break forth, sing for joy and sing praise
Tune the horn and the strings, play your song to the King
Joyful shouts and ovations we raise.

With justice the Lord comes to judge
Let the seas and all peoples rejoice
Clap your hands, streams and creeks, sing for joy, mountain peaks
To the Lord, the great Judge, lift your voice.

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 96 – A New Song

musicCome, let us sing a new song to the Lord
Sing to the Lord all the earth!
Tell of His wonders and marvelous word
Sing, bless His name, praise His worth!

Great is the Lord so greatly we praise
He is supreme over all
Honor and majesty, strength He displays
Humbly before Him we fall.

All other gods are mere idols and frauds
He made the heavens above
Come to His presence, His beauty applaud
Sing of His pow’r and His love.

Worship the Lord for His glory and might
Give Him the glory that’s due
Tremble before Him, O earth be contrite
With His holy splendor imbued.

Tell the whole world that our Lord is the King
Firmly the world shall remain
Heavens rejoice and the forests all sing
The oceans and fields all exclaim!

The judge of the earth, Adonai, draweth near
His judgment is righteous and fair
Bow down before Him in reverent fear
Your heart and your soul now prepare.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 82

CourtroomAll rise, Elohim the great Judge,
Has arrived to hold court with mankind
He calls to the stand elohim*
To declare what has been on His mind.

“Your judgments unjust I deplore
You are partial to wicked and vile
How long must injustice prevail
And a mockery make of each trial?

“Give justice to orphans and weak
While the rights of oppressed you defend
They in ignorance wander about
When the moorings of truth break and bend.

“Hear My verdict now, you elohim*
Though I made you all sons of Most High
Like the princes of earth you will fall
And as mortals are condemned to die.”

Rise up, Elohim, take Your bench
In righteousness judge the whole world
For to You all the nations belong
Let the banner of truth be unfurled.

© 2014 J Dan Small

*In Scripture the Hebrew word elohim when accompanied by singular verbs refers to God. In plural context it can mean gods (pagan deities), magistrates (judges), or powers (authorities). The Psalmist here makes full use of the term to distinguish earthly rulers from the Ruler of the earth while, at the same time, suggesting a unique god-likeness infused into humanity.

Psalm 75

Cup-of-JudgmentWe give thanks to our God who is near
His good works we tell all who will hear
Tho earth shakes He will make it stand firm
He, with justice, will bring it to term.

The Judge thunders His warnings aloud:
“Hear me now all you boastful and proud
Who raise fists in defiance toward Me
Who is Judge? You just wait and you’ll see.”

“You think that your greatness and worth
Comes from nations around you on earth”
But our God, the true Judge, holds the crown
It is He who exalts or takes down.

Adonai has prepared a strong cup
From which all of the wicked must sup
Foaming wine mixed with spices of doom
He will make them its contents consume.

As for me, I will sing out God’s praise
And declare all His marvelous ways
He has promised to judge wickedness
While the godly He surely will bless.

© 2014 J Dan Small