Psalm 123

eyesWe look to You, O God,
enthroned in heav’n above

With anxious, waiting gaze,
The master’s humble slaves
Look to the guiding hand
What is Your next command?

We turn our eyes to You
For mercy and for love.

Have mercy, Adonai
Our soul has had its fill

The proud with mockery
Make our lives misery
They boast and mock and scoff
Refusing to back off

We need Your mercy, Lord,
Our troubled souls to still.

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 119 – ה He

focusHo w re ni, teach me Your ways, O Lord
keeping them will be my great reward.

Ha bi ne ni, please make me understand
with all my heart I’ll do what You command.

Help me walk in paths You say are right
that is where I find my true delight.

Hinder me from seeking selfish gain
Incline my heart to what You have ordained.

Hide my eyes from seeking worthless things
to want Your way and the true life it brings.

Ha qem, fulfill the promises You swore
Your servants will respect You more and more.

How good the rules which You have set in place
please shield me from reproach and all disgrace.

Heartfelt longing Your precepts to pursue
in righteousness revive me through and through.

© J Dan Small