Psalm 125

jerusalem_aerial_from_se1Those who trust in the Lord
Like Zion stand secure
By trusting Adonai
They ever shall endure.

The Lord surrounds His people
Like mountains ‘round Jerusalem
Shielding the righteous dwelling place
So wickedness can’t rule them.

Do good, O Adonai, to the upright in heart
But banish all who turn aside to their own crooked ways
Remove all evil from our midst
Give peace to Israel all her days.

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 98

joyO sing to the Lord a new song
For He has done wonderful things
By His right hand and His holy command
He saved us and now our heart sings.

His righteousness has been displayed
In faithfulness promise fulfilled
The whole world can see His great victory
No wonder our hearts are so thrilled.

Shout joyfully all of the earth
Break forth, sing for joy and sing praise
Tune the horn and the strings, play your song to the King
Joyful shouts and ovations we raise.

With justice the Lord comes to judge
Let the seas and all peoples rejoice
Clap your hands, streams and creeks, sing for joy, mountain peaks
To the Lord, the great Judge, lift your voice.

© 2014  J Dan Small