Psalm 122

Peace of JerusalemI was glad when to me they did say,
“Let us go to the house of Yahweh.”

Here we stand, Jerusalem, house of David and the Lord
At your gates all the tribes closely bound in one accord

Giving thanks to the Lord as decreed
Through the judgment halls of David we proceed

We will pray for the peace of Jerusalem
For protection and prosperity for all of them

For the sake of friends and family we pray
“May you know true peace in your home today.”

For the sake of Your house Yahweh Elohenu
I will pray that prosperity and good accrue.

I was glad when to me they did say,
“Let us go to the house of Yahweh.”

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 93 – A Plea for Justice

justiceGod of vengeance, Adonai
Judge of all, please hear our cry
Give the wicked their just due
Quickly punish the proud, too.

How long will their boasting last
And their murderous deeds amass
Widows, orphans, strangers, slay?
‘Gainst Your people, Lord, they prey.

In their insolence they say
Yah can’t see us, won’t repay!”
What? The One who made the ear
You don’t think that He will hear?

Senseless people think they’re wise
Their Creator would despise
God who formed the eye does see
And He soon will instruct thee.

He’ll expose your futile plot
For He knows your every thought.
Nations feel His judgment rod
Now prepare to meet your God.

Blest are those whom You correct
You Your people won’t neglect
From their troubles give relief
Bringing judgment on the thief.

Who’ll protect and defend me?
None, O Lord, there is but Thee
Soon Your justice will prevail
O’er all those who would assail

Had You not come to my aid
I’d be silent in the grave
“I am slipping!” was my plea
Loving Lord, You rescued me.

When my doubts and fears increase
Your sweet presence gives me peace
You bring comfort to my soul
And my anxious thoughts console.

Evil men make unjust laws
Crush the righteous without cause
Innocent blood they would condemn
You, O God, are not with them.

Adonai is by my side
Rock of refuge where I hide
All their guilt He will repay
Cut them off on Judgment Day.

© 2014 J Dan Small