Psalm 75

Cup-of-JudgmentWe give thanks to our God who is near
His good works we tell all who will hear
Tho earth shakes He will make it stand firm
He, with justice, will bring it to term.

The Judge thunders His warnings aloud:
“Hear me now all you boastful and proud
Who raise fists in defiance toward Me
Who is Judge? You just wait and you’ll see.”

“You think that your greatness and worth
Comes from nations around you on earth”
But our God, the true Judge, holds the crown
It is He who exalts or takes down.

Adonai has prepared a strong cup
From which all of the wicked must sup
Foaming wine mixed with spices of doom
He will make them its contents consume.

As for me, I will sing out God’s praise
And declare all His marvelous ways
He has promised to judge wickedness
While the godly He surely will bless.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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