Psalm 80

Shepherd of Israel, please hear our prayer
Show us Your power, Your glory, Your care
Rescue Your sheep who are scattered in fear
Our food and our drink has been nothing but tears.

Make Your face shine on Your people once more
Save us, O God, only You can restore.

See how Your people are objects of scorn
Day after day we do nothing but mourn.
Lord of the armies of heaven above
Look upon us in your mercy and love.

GrapevineFrom Egypt You took us, a tender grapevine
Transplanted with care in the land You assigned.
In those days we prospered and spread out our roots
The entire region was blessed with our fruit.

You’ve broken our walls and let enemies steal
Wild beasts of the field consume us as their meal
Lord of the armies of heaven divine
Look down and take care of Your special grapevine.

May those who have burned us feel Your fiery wrath
Raise up Your choice people set firm on Your path
Then we won’t forsake You as we did before
Revive us, we’ll call on Your name yet once more.

Make Your face shine on Your people again
Only our God can restore fallen men.

© 2014 J Dan Small