Psalm 119 – ל Lamedh

meditateLə·‘ō·w·lām, forever Your word will endure
eternal, O Lord, it is steadfast and sure.

Likewise Your faithfulness ever shall last
the earth You’ve established and it will stand fast.

Laws You establish remain true today
for all You have made must do all that You say.

Likely it is that I would have been dead
except I delighted in Your law instead.

Life You have given through learning Your ways
I will not forget them for all of my days.

Liberate and save me for I am Yours
Your precepts I seek and Your laws underscore.

Lying in wait, wicked seek to destroy
Your teachings I’ll ponder they bring me much joy.

Limits there are to perfection, I see
but from boundaries Your commandments are free.

© J Dan Small