Psalm 90

Calendar PagesFrom everlasting You are God and our abiding place
Before the mountains came to be or earth was set in space
E’en into future days unknown You will as God remain
Oe’r every generation, Lord, ‘tis You alone who reign.

As for the children of the earth You turn them back to dust
At Your command they disappear, their souls to You entrust
In Your sight, Lord, a thousand years are but a passing night
Like grass they flourish then they fade and quickly take their flight.

But in Your fury ‘gainst our sins our lives have been consumed
You have exposed our secret sins which means that we are doomed
Our days decline, pass like a sigh, with pain and trouble filled
At best we’re given eighty years before our breath is stilled.

Who comprehends Your wrath, O Lord, the fear we ought to know?
Teach us to number all our days, a heart of wisdom show.
Return, O Lord! Your servants need Your pity and Your grace
Make our hearts glad as many days as evils we have faced.

Let morning bring news of Your love, Your wondrous saving ways
Then we will sing and dance for joy before You all our days
And to our children favor show, Your faithfulness ensure
The works of our hands do confirm and cause them to endure.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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