Psalm 74

Temple destroyedO God, look at the ruins
Have You rejected us?
Tho once You chose us as Your own
Mt Zion lies in dust.

The sanctuary smolders
The carvings axed and smashed
The enemy destroyed it all
Our place of worship trashed.

There are no signs or prophets
To tell us what to do
How long will this go on, God
With them insulting You?

Why do You withhold judgment?
Strike with Your pow’rful hand
Recall the time You split the sea
Turned rivers into sand.

O God, from ages past
You’ve been our Savior King
You reign majestic o’er the earth
For You made everything.

Recall, O Lord, this truth
Our foes reviled Your name
Do not forget Your turtledove
Or let this end in shame.

The covenant You made
We ask you to fulfill
Arise, O God, and plead Your cause
Their uproar You must still.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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