Psalm 58

Travesty! Rulers of the earth, judges of mankind
Silence? How can you not see that justice is maligned?

Violence! You conjure up more ways to inflict pain
Heartless! Evil the path you choose for increased gain.

Depraved! As soon as you are born you’re speaking lies
Venemous! Skilled charmers can’t prevent what you devise.

O God, avenge, break out these lion’s fangs
Disable all the weapons of these gangs
Cause them to disappear for all their crime
Like slugs reduce their essence into slime
May they, like stillborn infants, take no breath
Your burning wrath consume them unto death.

Avenged! The godly will rejoice to see your end
Relieved! They’ll triumph in the blood of wicked men.

Proclaim: Reward the righteous is what God designed
Declare: He is a God who judges all mankind.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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