Psalm 64

O God, please hear my voice, attend to my complaint
The enemy pursues my life, my hope is growing faint
Hide me from all their secret plots
You know their wicked thoughts.

Their tongues are sharpened like a sword, their words like arrows pierce
They shoot from ambush fearing naught, attacking swift and fierce
They make their plans in secrecy
Believing they’ll go free.arrow

Then suddenly God shoots them down His arrows hit their mark
Caught by their futile words they reel and stumble in the dark
The passersby look on in shock
They shake their heads and mock.

The works of God will make men fear -amazed at what He’s done
The righteous will rejoice in Him, for refuge to Him run
The upright ones lift up their praise
Exalt Him all their days.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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