Psalm 63

O God, You are my God, I want You desp’rately
I seek Your face and need Your grace
As in Your sanctuary.

This dry and weary land makes my soul thirst for Youdesert
In this dark hour to see Your pow’r
Would strengthen and renew.

Your lovingkindness far exceeds the best that life can give
My lips will praise, my hands I’ll raise
I’ll bless You while I live.

Rich blessings You bestow my soul will satisfy
I’ll praise Your Name, my mouth exclaim
My deepest needs supply.

When I remember through the night the things that You have done
Under Your wings my spirit clings
And to Your side I run.

But as for those who hunt me down and seek my life to quell
Their sure reward will be the sword
Their souls descend to hell.

But this king will rejoice and glorify his God
When liars words no more are heard
The godly will applaud.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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