Psalm 65

To You, O God, in Zion,
Our praises now are due
We’ll keep the vows which we have made
As all flesh comes to You.

You hear our every prayer
When sinful deeds abound
You will atone for all our crimes
Forgiveness there is found.

What joy for those You choose
Within Your courts to dwell
Your goodness satisfying us
Much more than we could tell.

You answer every prayer
With great and awesome deeds
In You all men will put their trust
As You meet every need.

By Your almighty pow’r
You formed the mountains tall
You quieted the raging seas
The oceans noisy squall.

The tumult of the peoples
At Your command is stilled
Your wonders all the earth can see
Their hearts with awe are filled.

From morning until evening
With gladness we o’erflow
You water all our crops and fields
And cause them all to grow.

Because of You, O God
The desert comes alive
Your river flows abundantly
So e’en the pathways thrive.

The hills around rejoice
With flocks of sheep they’re dressed
The valleys filled with grain all shout
Behold how we are blest!

© 2014 J Dan Small

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