Psalm 18 (2 of 2)

You save the meek but not the proud
The haughty You bring low
You light a lamp for me, O God
My darkness You illume.

With You I run against a troop
By God I scale a wall
My God arms me with mighty strength
And perfect makes my way.

As for my God whose word is pure
Perfect are all His ways
He is a shield to all who trust
Only the Lord is God.
Who is a Rock except our God?

There is no God but Him
He makes my feet run like a deer
And takes me to the heights.

From Him my hands learn how to fight
A bow of bronze to bend
You shield me with salvation, too
Your right hand holds me up.

Your gentleness has made me great
My steps you have made sure
The path in which You lead me, Lord
Is broad and clear and safe.

My enemies I chased and caught
Not one escaped my sword
Wounded, they fell to never rise
Beneath my feet lie still.

You were my source of strength in war
You made them all bow down
They tried to flee but mine they were
Destroyed by him they hate.

When they cried out e’en to You, Lord
You did not answer them
No one could save them from my hand
Like dust they’ve blown away.

Delivered from my enemy
I now rule over them
By foreigners and strangers served
In fear they all bow down.

I bless You, Lord, You are my Rock
Exalted Savior God
You have avenged and brought them low
I’m rescued from my foes.

You lift me up above them all
The vi’lent who opposed
So I give thanks and praise Your Name
The nations hear me sing.

Great are the victories You’ve giv’n
Unfailing love You’ve shown
To David, the anointed king
and heirs forevermore.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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