Psalm 18 (1of2)

I love You, Lord, You are my strength
Deliv’rer, Fortress, Rock
Shield and Stronghold, Mighty Savior
Worthy of praise and trust.

I call upon the Lord for help
To save me from my foes
The cords of death entangled me
In fear I nearly drowned.

Engulfed in sorrow and distress
I cry out to my God
He heard my voice from heav’n above
My cry reached to His ears.

In righteous anger He came down
With quakes the earth did shake
Fire and smoke, a fearsome storm
On wings of wind He flew.

Thick clouds of hailstorms, coals of fire
He thundered from His throne
And when the Most High raised His voice
Like lightning, arrows flashed.

At Your rebuke, one blast of breath
The sea convulsed and fled
My foes were scattered and confused
And You came to my aid.

From deep, deep waters I was saved
Delivered from my foes
Who, in my moment of distress
Attacked, and I was doomed.

But You, O Lord, were my support
On firm ground set my feet
In me, O Lord, You find delight
That’s why You rescued me.

Because my heart and hands are clean
You have rewarded me
I’ve kept Your statutes and Your ways
And from them would not stray.

The blameless, merciful, and pure
Know You to be the same
But with the crooked, devious ones
You show that You are shrewd.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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