Psalm 19

The heav’ns declare the glory of God
The universe shouts His praise
His handiwork shows night after night
His wisdom all our days.

Their message is heard throughout the world
All flesh their voice can hear
So none can say they never were told
The word is always near.

The blazing sun dwells in that realm
And runs its course each day
A radiant bridegroom, it comes forth
It’s heat no one can stay.

The words and judgments of the Lord
Are true and always right
By them the simple become wise
The upright find delight.

To fear the Lord, walk in His ways
Is pure, revives the soul
His statutes, laws, commands are good
By them we are made whole.

Indeed of greater value, these
Than mountains of fine gold
And sweeter than the honeycomb
They never will grow old.

Through them Your servants can be warned
In them is great reward
I cannot see my many faults
I need Your cleansing, Lord.

Please keep me from delib’rate sins
Don’t let them control me
Blameless and innocent I’d be
of great transgression free.

My Rock, Redeemer, and my Lord
This is my earnest plea
May all my words and thoughts be found
acceptable to Thee.

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