Psalm 17

O Lord, I beg you please to hear my cry now
This prayer is not from lips that would deceive
My vindication must come from Your presence
Your eyes can see what’s right, my fate relieve.

My heart has been the object of Your testing
All night You have examined me and found
There’s nothing in my life that could offend You
Uphold my steps, keep them on solid ground.

It’s You to whom I call, O God Who hears me
Incline Your ear and show Your mercies great
You always save the ones who trust in You, Lord
Deliver from the wicked ones who hate.

Protect me as the apple of Your eye, Lord
My hiding place –the shadow of Your wings
The enemy surrounds and hopes to slay me
His threats and deadly arrows now he flings.

Their hearts are void of feelings and their mouths boast
Like lions they crouch down for the attack
Surrounding me like prey eager to tear me
Arise, O Lord, confront and turn them back.

Take up Your sword! From evil men deliver
With Your strong hand now bring them low
How is it that in this life they so prosper?
Their lives are filled with treasures You bestow.

The only life they know will soon be passing
The things they cherish now others will take
But as for me, I know I’ll see Your face soon
In Your own likeness, satisfied, awake.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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