Psalm 16

Preserve me, God, in You I hide
My Refuge and my Lord
I have no good at all but You
My Portion and Reward.

As for the saints upon the earth
They are my heroes, too
The truly great ones I regard
I treasure them like You.

All those who rush to other gods
much sorrow fills their plate
I will not speak their names at all
Their sacrifices hate

O Lord, You’re all I ever want
Your blessings are so great
You set me in a pleasant place
How rich is my estate.

I bless the Lord who counsels me
He’s such a faithful Guide
My heart instructs me in the night
Unmoved, He’s at my side.

That’s why my heart is filled with joy
And rests in You always
In Sheol my soul will not dwell
Nor will it see decay.

But You lead me in paths of life
Your presence such joy brings
Pleasures forevermore I’ll find
At Your right hand, O King!

© 2014 J Dan Small

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