Psalm 15

O Lord, what kind of man can dwell
Upon Your holy hill?
Within the tents of righteousness
Are those who do Your will

Walk with integrity each day
In all your ways do right
And let your heart speak only truth
Do not your neighbor smite.

You mustn’t slander with your tongue
Nor gossip ‘bout your friends
Never admire the wicked man
Nor covet what offends.

Honor all those who fear the Lord
Consider it great gain
Keep every promise that you make
Though it may cause you pain

When loaning money to the poor
No int’rest should you make
And ne’er against the innocent
a bribe to harm should take.

The one who lives like this, you see
Forever will stand firm
And with the Lord on high can dwell
Who all His ways have learned.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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