Psalm 14

“There is no God” the fool believes
In his corrupted mind
They fill their lives with vile deeds
No goodness will you find

From heav’n the Lord surveys the sight
Looking for those not flawed
Just one who understands what’s right
Or in his heart seeks God.

But altogether man has strayed
There’s no one who does good
Turning aside to their own ways
They wouldn’t if they could.

Do these vile men not know at all
The trouble that they’re in?
Upon the Lord they do not call
Nor think about their sin.

They eat God’s people up like bread
Forgetting that he sees
The truth is they are in great dread
God hears the righteous pleas.

Although the afflicted make their plans
The wicked try to thwart
But as a refuge our Lord stands
The righteous to support.

From Zion’s hill salvation comes
God’s children hear His voice
Delivering all His captive sons
All Israel can rejoice.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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