Psalm 1

I’ve begun to “rewrite” the Psalms and will share them with you.

Psalm 1

Abundant blessings fill the lives
Of those who walk with God
Who listen not to godless talk
Nor linger where they trod

They treasure hearing what God says
Not mocking, godless speech
Both day and night to Him they turn
To learn what He would teach

There is a river flowing from
The living God above
And planted close so fruits abound
Are those who know His love

Like trees they prosper, standing tall
Unmoved by storms or drought
Not so the wicked who like chaff
By winds are tossed about

It won’t go well for folks like that
When the Great Judge they meet
They’ll have no place among the saints
Who at His table eat

The blessing on the saints is this
Each one the Lord does cherish
But, oh, the peril of the lost
Whose every hope will perish

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