I know it’s been a long time since I reported on my health.  It seems I go for a week or two downhill (less strength, larger spleen, more sleep) and then turn a corner without obvious changes in medication or diet.  However, I must say that the past week has been one of my best in over a year

I feel that something substantial has changed inside but I’ve been reluctant to express it lest it turn around the next day.  This has been such a welcome improvement!!  To what do I attribute it?  Certainly prayer, perhaps the fact  that I just finished paraphrasing the New Testament (a project I’ve been plugging away at for 8 months), or maybe the brother who prayed for my DNA a week ago.

Anyway, thanks for praying and watch for news of some new developments in the days ahead!


  1. Hi Dan,

    If you felt the warmth of gratitude flowing through you in the wee small hours this morning, that would have been me. I find myself struggling once again with my friendly “thorn in my flesh” which sends me into fight/flight mode and downward from there. When I awoke to the whispering of this influence I began thinking of Job and Joseph. Then you came to mind and I realized how much your testimony of faith through extreme adversity has inspired me. Often I will remind myself, “If Dan can be grateful in all circumstances, so can I!”. Well, the inspiration of your faith enabled me to seek Jesus. To shift my focus from circumstance to His grace in my life and my anxious thoughts began to spiral upward with hope resulting in an eagerness for the day in order to see how God plans to use this setback to His glory and my benefit. No longer does adversity terrify me, I now have hope in Christ!

    You are one of many angels God has used to enable my faith to mature. While you wait patiently for God to reveal Himself in your life and circumstances, I wanted to let you know that He is working mightily through you.

    God bless you always and you are ALWAYS in my prayers,



  2. Good Morning Dan,

    This is such wonderful, welcome news! May God continue to bless you with HIS healing…the only kind that lasts. Thanks for sharing your journey as it is truly an inspiration.

    My prayers for you continue!

    Blessings to you, Rebecca, Tirzah and  Sharon, Susan


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