Psalm 2


The nations plot their futile schemes
The kings confide in vain
Determined in their silly pride
Emboldened by their fame.

“Who is the LORD that we should bow,
Or His anointed Son?
“We will not have them rule o’er us
Their rule and reign is done.”

Meanwhile, unmoved in Heav’n above
Their Maker hears their plans
He laughs uproariously at the joke
And then He takes the stand.

“On Zion’s hill My King shall come
My plan can’t be deterred
I have determined and decreed
All pow’r on Him’s conferred.”

“You are My well-beloved Son
I have begotten You
Ask for the Kingdom, it is Yours
And all these nations, too!”

“The Day will come when on the earth
Their reign of terror You’ll break
With rod of iron You’ll rule them all
Oe’r earth possession take.”

Take notice, then, you haughty kings
And judges of the earth
Worship the LORD in holy fear
And celebrate His worth.

Yes, humbly kiss the Son today
Don’t risk His holy wrath
He blesses all who trust in Him
Who walk His narrow path.

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