Two steps forward, three . . .

It has been over three months since my last health update -I didn’t sense that there was anything to report. Since going to NYC for tests and being told I may not have Primary Myelofibrosis but Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia, I’ve had more tests and consultations on this end of the continent which, according to doctors here, confirm the original diagnosis.
This see-saw has been bearable since my overall health has been mostly pain-free. I decided to monitor my own blood levels and meds until something changed. For many weeks the lab results were encouraging and I kept meds to a minimum. However, I was troubled by decreasing alertness and a gradual increase in discomfort (pain).
My most recent blood test revealed that several components have returned to a CRITICAL stage. I knew something was changing because I’ve spent a whole lot more time in bed than I’d like. This week more of the pain and general weakness has returned almost to the point it was 11 months ago.
Having said that, I’m reminded that the original prognosis was fairly grim and I’ve outlived that a few times over!
My consultation with an “expert” at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance in April suggested that at my current levels I could have 10+ more years in me. But, as I’ve said before, the one thing that’s predictable is the unpredictability of how/when this disease develops.
I tell you all that simply to ask that you pray with me for divine insight into the healing God has in mind for me. I have been studying this more intently for the past few weeks so spiritual “opposition” may have increased as a result.
Thanks for your many prayers!
J Dan Small

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  1. Dan, we do keep right on trusting our God. It is good just to hear from you. By the way, Ephesians is my favorite book. Thanks for the study. Love, b


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