Psalm 54

Backstory: 1 Samuel 23:19-29 A Psalm “on the run” as Saul pursues David. Here, David’s own countrymen betray his location to Saul. See commentary below.

Save me, God, I’m counting on Your Name
By Your great pow’r defend me from this shame
Hear my prayer, and turn Your ear toward me
Before You, God, I voice my desp’rate plea.

Violent men are trying to take my life
Strangers, too, rise up and create strife
All their schemes and plots are greatly flawed
As they neglect to turn their thoughts to God.

But God’s my helper, He is in control
Adonai, the Lord sustains my soul
My evil foes He’s sure to recompense
In faithfulness He’ll come to my defense.

I gladly bring my offerings to You
Express my thanks for all the good You do
Adonai has now delivered me
With great relief I watch opponents flee.

WorshipMatthew Henry Commentary: 23:19-29 In the midst of his wickedness, Saul affected to speak the language of piety. Such expressions, without suitable effects, can only amuse or deceive those who hear, and those who use them. This mountain was an emblem of the Divine Providence coming between David and the destroyer. Let us not be dismayed at the prospect of future difficulties, but stay ourselves upon Him who is wonderful in counsel and excellent in working. Sooner than his promise shall fail, he will commission Philistines to effect our escape, at the very moment when our case appears most desperate. God requires entire dependence on him, If ye will not believe, surely ye shall not be established, Isa 7:9.

© 2014 J Dan Small