Psalm 119 – ו Vav

Walk in TruthVerify, O Lord, Your steadfast love for me
as You have promised, salvation let me see.

Vouch for me against the taunting enemy
relying on Your word, Lord, I put my trust in Thee.

Voicing forth Your truth do not remove from me
I have put my hope in Your judgments and decrees.

Verily Your law I will keep continually
forever and always it will be the way for me.

və·’eṯ·hal·lə·ḵāh, I will walk in liberty
seeking Your precepts is what truly sets us free.

Valiantly ‘fore kings Your testimonies share
never be ashamed Your commandments to declare.

və·’eš·ta·‘ă·ša, I delight in Your command
I love all Your ways and all that You have planned.

Valuing Your mitzvoth*, I lift my hands in praise
contemplate Your statutes and ponder every phrase.

*mitzvoth = commandments (Heb)

© J Dan Small

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