TMI (too much information)

At the risk of flooding inboxes with unsolicited updates, I realize that I haven’t actually updated my health on this blog for months.  I guess I assumed most were connected via email or FB.  For the rest of you, here’s a thumbnail sketch:

Through the summer my condition improved to a point where, in August, I was nearly ready to give up my Handicap parking permit.  It was amazing to walk into stores and not need the motorized cart.

That was shortlived, however, and by September my cell counts were going crazy and my energy tanked.  The downturn was steady through October and the swelling of my spleen meant even less room for food and the  whole digestive process.  As a result my weight went down finally breaking into the 130’s.  That was when my doctor got serious.

So, for the past six weeks I’ve been on the special mutation-inhibiting drug (Jakafi) designed to stem the progress of this disease.  It’s a really, really special product (I remind myself as I pop 2 pills a day at $150 each).  This has seemed to push back some of the symptoms resulting in better appetite and slight weight gain.

Things were looking up through Thanksgiving -had a delightful day with 19 around the table, but, with lots of guests often come visiting viruses.  I didn’t succomb until last week when the sore throat hit with a vengeance.  Not good timing!  Now when I had a bit of an appetite I couldn’t swallow a thing. When the fever hit we started on antibiotics.

It’s been five days and symptoms are finally starting to ease but the wear and tear on my intestinal system from all these meds has created another set of pains.  Do your repair, probiotics!!

So, there you have it.  Every breath is grace, every day lived is a gift.  If all I can do is lay here and pray down God’s blessings on each of you, may it be worth every moment!

If you’re following my daily (more or less) installment of Psalms a Tempo, you’ll note that for the past couple of days they haven’t been as timely.  I’m thankful for the mental energy today to get back on task.

May your meditations this holiday season bring life to you and yours!

The Lamb of God born in a manger -how appropriate!

J Dan Small

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  1. Still praying for you, Dan and family. When Ron got discouraged about his brain cancer, I reminded him about Psalm 139: 13-16. God has ordained every day for us that we will live, and it is written down in His Book. How can we be any more secure than that? Praise God!!!! May He bless you and all your family during this Christmas time and in the coming New Year.
    Hugs, to all of you,
    Arlene Armstrong


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