Psalm 109

VengeanceDo not be silent, O God of my praise
As deceitful tongues against me are raised
Words filled with hate, tho I’ve done them no wrong
They repay with evil my good all day long.

Display righteous judgment and vengeance on him
Appoint wicked judges to deal with his sin
Let the Adversary stand up and accuse
Bring a guilty verdict, give him his just dues.

So cut his days short, bring an end to his life
His children be orphans, a widow his wife
Give to another his leadership role
His children be beggars with none to console.

Homeless and wandering, with poverty faced
May all his descendants inherit disgrace
The sins of their fathers and mothers remain
Until, once for all, the Lord blots out their name.

With no hint of kindness he hounded the poor
Oppressed the downtrodden their death to ensure
The whole thought of blessing to him was absurd
But cursing came nat’ral, was always preferred.

So now, Adonai, let those curses turn ‘round
Engulf him, consume him, a belt to surround
In this way, O Lord, my accusers repay
Reward those who slander and do not delay.

But deal with me kindly for Your name’s sake, Lord
Because of Your love with deliv’rance reward
Afflicted and needy and wounded within
My strength quickly fading, I’m just bones and skin.

My accusers attack with their scorn and disdain
They taunt, shake their heads, their disgust making plain
So help, Lord my God, in Your love rescue me
And let them all know that it was done by Thee.

While they may be cursing I know You will bless
Reduce those attacking to utter distress
Wrap them in shame, clothe them all with disgrace
And I will rejoice in Your love and Your grace.

Overflowing with thanks I will gladly confess
In the midst of the throng the Lord’s name I will bless
Who stands to defend the unjustly accused
And delivers the poor, helpless, weak, and abused.

© 2014  J Dan Small

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