Psalm 79

the-wrath-of-GodO God, Your chosen land lays waste
Your temple is defiled
The corpses of Your saints consumed
By birds and beasts defaced.

Our blood flows through the city streets
Not one is left alive
Our neighbors mock and celebrate
They laugh at our defeat.

O Lord, how long will this go on
Your anger last fore’er?
Your jealousy has burned like fire
Your aid has been withdrawn.

These nations don’t acknowledge You
They don’t call on Your name
Pour out Your wrath on them at last
Is not their judgment due?

Do not against us vengeance take
For sins our fathers did
Extend compassion, help us, God
Forgive for Your name’s sake.

Don’t let these pagan nations go
They scoff, “Where is their God?”
Lord, hear the captives mournful cry
Your great deliv’rance show.

Repay them, Lord, yes, sevenfold
For their reproach of You
And we, Your sheep, will give You thanks
Fore’er Your praise be told.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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