Psalm 77

SufferingI cry out to God even shout so He’ll hear
In my hour of trouble why won’t He draw near
I search for the Lord and pray through the long night
And yet there’s no comfort, no help is in sight.

Remembering God only adds to my grief
All my thoughts wear me down and there is no relief
I can’t sleep at night, too discouraged to pray
Mem’ries of good times have all slipped away.

I search for the reason to know what is wrong
Is hope lost forever and gone my night song?
Will He keep His promises or will they fail
Does He, in anger, let suff’ring prevail?

But no, let me hearken to God’s former deeds
The days when, with miracles, He met our needs
When with His strong arm He did set us all free
He shook all the mountains and parted the Sea.

Truly there is no god mighty as Thee
Thunders and light’ning obey Your decree
You opened a path where the waters were deep
You led us along like Your own flock of sheep.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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