Psalm 72

king-david-croppedO God, we pray, endow this king with wisdom from on high
Your righteousness and justice lend that he may rule thereby
In every corner of the land may right and peace prevail
Defend the poor and the oppressed from all who would assail.

In rev’rent fear let peoples bow while sun and moon remain
Let peace abound, the righteous thrive throughout his royal reign
May kings and nomads everywhere bring gifts and tribute grand
And all the ends of earth bow down, his dynasty expand.

All the afflicted, helpless, poor will trust him to do right
The lives of needy he will save, made precious in his sight
Long live the king, your tribute bring, and lift him up in prayer
Then watch the hills abound with crops and fruits enough to share.

Forever let his name endure and men extol his worth
And bless the God of Israel whose glory fills the earth
‘Tis Adonai, the Lord our God, who performs wondrous deeds
His glorious name we bless, amen, all good from Him proceeds.

© 2014 J Dan Small
This ends the compilation of the prayers of David the son of Jesse. (Book Two)

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