Psalm 45 – A Love Song for the King

O King, my heart and lips o’erflow
With contemplations sweet
Let me recite so all will know
Your virtues they’ll repeat.

Fairer than all the sons of men
Your speech imbued with grace
God’s blessings on You never end
And none can take Your place.

Take up Your sword, O Mighty One
Go forth triumphantly
In paths of righteousness You run
Meekness and majesty.

Your truth will prosper in the land
You shout the battle call
Great are the deeds of Your right hand
Your enemies must fall.

Your throne, O God, will never end
You rule in righteousness
Those who do right You will defend
The wicked never bless.

Therefore Your God anointed You
And blessed beyond Your friends
Rich scents of myrrh and aloes, too
From royal robes ascend.

From iv’ry palaces the sound
Of music makes You glad
Daughters of kings with You are found
The queen in gold is clad.

Listen, O daughter, turn your ear
Forget your family
Unto the king yourself endear
Your beauty let him see.

Bow low before your lord and king
And worship at his feet
Rich gifts the people to you bring
As they your favor seek.

The radiant princess clothed in gold
Enters the royal hall
Her beauty all her friends extol
The King she will enthrall

Your sons will be your pride and fame
Great princes in the earth
Posterity will praise your name
As they declare your worth.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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