Psalm 44

Almighty God, in ages past, great are the works You’ve done
Our fathers told us of Your deeds and of the vict’ries won.

It was not with our swords or might that this became our land
To drive out nations, overcome, You used Your own right hand.

Again I say, no thanks to us, the enemy took flight
You turned your face toward us, O God, and made us your delight.

You are our King, O God, it’s true, You’ve saved us o’er and o’er
Through You we crush our enemies, through Your Name win the war.

We do not trust in sword or bow to save us from our foe
In God we boast continually, to Him our thanks we owe.

But now all that is in the past, it seems that things have changed
Our armies go to battle still but from You we’re estranged.

We turn back in defeat from them, our goods they take as spoil
Like sheep to slaughter, we are led, our troops, disgraced, recoil.

You’ve sold Your people for a dime, we are the laughingstock
Covered in shame and sore disgrace, oppressed by all their talk.

What we don’t understand at all is why You’ve turned away
When we’ve been faithful in our hearts, our feet not gone astray.

We’re broken, wand’ring, near to death, but You we’ve not forgot
We have not turned to other gods. You know our deepest thought.

It is for Your sake we are chased and killed the whole day long
We are like sheep to slaughter led, tho’ we’ve done nothing wrong.

Awake now from Your slumber, Lord, please do not hide Your face
Can You not see our desp’rate need, afflictions, and disgrace?

Body and soul lie in the dust. Rise up, come to our aid
In lovingkindness do redeem, for unto You we’ve prayed.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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