Psalm 39

“All right,” I said, “I’ll watch my steps
And keep my tongue from speaking
When wicked men around me stand
I’ll reign in all my feelings.”

I held my peace and sealed my lips
But in my soul was burning
The fire of sorrow and distress
My thots within were churning.

Finally I cried out to the Lord,
“Give me a new perspective
Help me to see how brief life is
Make my days more redemptive.”

What is the measure of my days?
Show me how frail I am
Yes, all my years and wisdom gained
Are to You one hand span.

Man at his best is a mere breath
A shadow passing by
In frantic pace amassing wealth
Not even knowing why.

In light of this what can I say?
My only hope is You
Deliver me from all my sins
My rebel ways subdue.

When with Your hand of discipline
The sinner You correct
Their life and breath just melts away
Their glory You reject.

Please hear my prayer, observe my tears
And do not silent be
Lest as a stranger in Your eyes
My life should cease to be.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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