Psalm 38

O Lord, hold back Your angry hand
That chastens life and limb
The burden’s great, I cannot stand
Because of all my sin.

Your arrows pierce me deep inside
My flesh and bones are weak
My groans and sighs I cannot hide
Relief from You I seek.

The wrongs I’ve done are piled high
My heart throbs in disgrace
Even the life within my eye
Is gone, there’s not a trace.

And now my loved ones and my friends
Have all abandoned me
And those who want my life to end
Devise their treachery.

I’ve shut my ears to all they say
My mouth has no reply
My feet have clearly gone astray
My sins I can’t deny.

O Lord, You know just what I need
You hear my fainting cry
I hope in You, to You I plead
Answer me lest I die.

Many there are who hate my life
They taunt me when I fail
Tho I’ve not harmed them, they cause strife
Oppressing, they prevail.

My sins I willingly confess
Acknowledge wrongs I’ve done
Against You, Lord, I did transgress
Humbly to You I come.

Do not forsake or hide Your face
Make haste to help me now
I look to You for saving grace
My hope alone art Thou.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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