Psalm 37 (Part 1)

Don’t be jealous of those who do bad
Don’t be coveting the things they have
It won’t be long ‘till their life is o’er
And all their prosperity will be no more.

Trust in the Lord and do good everyday
And plant your feet on His narrow way
Delight yourself in what He requires
He’ll satisfy all your heart’s desires.

Give Him control of the path you take
Entrust to Him all the plans you make
Before you know it your life will shine
With goodness and justice and life divine.

So, rest in the Lord and wait for Him
Don’t fret or be anxious ‘bout those who sin
Don’t focus on the things that sinners do
Don’t be angry ‘cause it’s not good for you.

In just a little while they will be no more
But waiting on the Lord will open new doors
For all their boasting they’ll have nothing to show
But, rivers of peace o’er the meek will flow.

Tho against the godly the wicked may plot
The Lord will bring all their plans to naught
Tho they bend the bow and draw their sword
They’ll self-destruct, so laughs the Lord.

Far better than the riches of the wicked throngs
Is the little that to the righteous belongs
The abundance of the sinner will soon be shattered
While the Lord regards those who did what mattered.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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