Psalm 36

The sinner listens to his heart
Deceived by sin and hate
And in his eyes no fear of God
Believes that he is great.

Throughout the night he dreams up more
And plans his evil ways
Devoid of wisdom or of good
Just wickedness displays.

But, oh how great Your mercies, Lord
Your faithfulness to us
Extending to the heav’ns above
In Thee we place our trust.

Like mountains tall Your righteousness
Your judgments deep and wide
Both man and beast draw life from You
Under Your wings they hide.

Your lovingkindness, oh, how sweet
By Your abundance filled
Rivers and fountains of delights
With life and light instilled.

Extend Your mercies, Lord, to us
To all who walk upright
But may the proud and wicked ones
Be thrust out from Your sight.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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