Psalm 10

Why, O Lord, do You stand so far off?
Why hide now in our time of distress?
In their pride, wicked boast and they scoff
And the poor and the helpless they oppress

Let the schemes they devise fall apart
They don’t seek You but spurn You instead
Filled with greed every thought of their heart
As they curse, mock, and say,“God is dead!”

For they prosper in all that they try
And declare “I forever will stand!”
They can’t see that Your judgment is nigh
But pursue wicked deeds they have planned

They’re so sure they can’t possibly fail
That they sneer at their foes as they plot
Secretly they crouch down to assail
Thinking God cannot see or forgot

All the innocent victims they seek
Like a lion they watch from their den
Rise, O Lord, lift Your hand for the weak
Lest their deeds go unopposed once again

But You do see their troubles and grief
All the orphans and feeble You aid
As to You they look up for relief
By Your hand evil men are repaid

Our Lord reigns as the King forevermore
While the nations and their tyrants pass away
You have heard the humble hearts and won’t ignore
Final justice will be theirs on Judgment Day

© 2014 J Dan Small

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