Psalm 9

I give thanks to the Lord from my heart
As I tell of Your marvelous works
You have stood for my cause,
I am glad and rejoice
I sing praise to Your Name, O Most High

You have judged righteously from Your throne
All my enemies turn back in shame
They have come to an end,
Gone for good, they’re destroyed
Nevermore to be remembered nor feared

But the Lord will endure evermore
Righteous Judge, He will rule from on high
Those who know Him and trust,
the oppressed He protects
For You, Lord, won’t forsake those who seek

Lift your voice, sing your praise to the Lord
Tell His deeds to the nations around
He’ll avenge martyr’s blood,
He remembers their plight
And the cry of the meek He recalls

Please have mercy on me, O my Lord
And consider the troubles I face
Rescue me from my foes,
then I’ll tell all Your praise
And rejoice as I enter Your gates

All the nations have dug a deep pit
They fall into the hole they have made
In the net they have hid
their own foot will be caught
They are snared in the works of their hands

Interlude/Instrumental bridge providing opportunity
for contemplation (Higgaion/Selah)

By Your judgments, O Lord, You are known
All the nations shall end up in hell
Brazenly they rebel
and forget You are God
Let the nations be judged in Your sight

But the needy will not be forgot
And the hopes of the poor will not die
Rise, O Lord, overcome,
make them fear Your great Name
That all nations may know they’re mere men                      Selah

© 2014 J Dan Small

Bold text is to help convey the stress in each phrase.

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