Psalm 5

This is my morning prayer
O Lord, now hear my sigh
   My King, my God
   To You I pray
And eagerly draw nigh.

Not so the wicked man
He cannot near You dwell
   The boastful ones
   And those who lie
You will destroy in hell.

Your mercies are so vast
You open wide the gate
   Trembling I come
   Before You bow
My paths, O Lord,
make straight.

But those who walk in sin
Whose hearts and mouths rebel
   With flatt’ring tongues
   They’ll self-destruct
And with You cannot dwell.

Let all who trust, rejoice
E’en shout the joyful sound
   You shelter us
   We love Your Name
With blessings You surround.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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