Psalm 4

Psalm 4

My righteousness comes from You, Lord
Please hear me when I cry
Your many answers I record
In grace, once more, draw nigh.

How long will you, O sons of earth
In dust my glory tread
How long, with lies, decry my worth
Your worthless slander spread?

This is my confidence each day
The Lord calls me His own
He always listens when I pray
He hears my every groan.

When anger threatens to control
He counsels me, “Be still
In righteousness restore your soul
Let trust your spirit fill.”

Where is the good?  Some hope for me?
My day is one long trial
If only I could see Your face
And feel Your gracious smile.

At last my heart with joy now sings
My life with good o’erflows
Only the Lord controls all things
Security He bestows.

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