Small Update

Many have waited patiently through the month of September for an update on my health -I haven’t written much because there wasn’t really any news.  In general, my energy level and discomfort level have remained the same but blood tests and check-ups reveal that the spleen is growing and white-cell count is still up over 80,000.  The Dr is putting me back on the first med (along with the one I’ve been taking) to see if it will push back those symptoms.

I am able to function adequately from a semi-reclined position so I’ve made some progress on writing projects.

Naturally, the question I’m asked most often is, “how are you feeling?”  To be brutally honest, I think I can relate (emotionally) to someone who has been put on death row and told that the execution may be imminent but they won’t know until “they come to get you.”  I’m sure that’s unhealthy “negative think” and I don’t engage in it at a conscious level unless I’m being asked to make decisions re future activities -or responding to someone who’s just asked me how I’m doing.  I suppose I could be evasive and say, “better than I deserve.”

In another fit of transparency I’ll admit to occasional bouts with enemy “arrows.”  I was reminded the other day of Martin Luther picking up his ink jar and throwing it “at the devil” who was oppressing him.

Mind you, I don’t share those two paragraphs in hopes that my readers will inundate me with good counsel -it may be one of those times that the less you say and the more you pray, the better off we’ll be!

Speaking of future activities, many of you don’t know that Tirzah (our almost 18 yr old) qualified for the National Bible Bee contest in Tennessee from Nov 20-23.  Her preparation is rigorous: nearly 800 randomly assigned Bible verses to memorize and a thorough, inductive, self-developed study of the book of Ephesians.  Upwards of 120 contestants from around the nation will be vying for the top prize of $100,000.  Second place will have to settle for $50,000.  And, of course, the gov’t will probably get half of it.

So, we’re seriously contemplating a family trip starting in about a month.  If my health holds out, we’d drive and hope to swing thru Texas and the midwest (coming and going or vice versa) and maybe pull off a Sheldrake Family Thanksgiving Reunion (Rebecca’s family) along the way.

We’re upheld by a faithful support team and thank God often for each of you!


Thanks, Mikki Cowles Photography, for making it look like we've "got it together!"

Thanks, Mikki Cowles Photography, for making it look like we’ve “got it together!”




  1. “The less you say, and the more you pray will be better.” Thanks for sharing your heart. I believe I will be hosting a couple on Friday who are going to visit you this coming weekend. Praying for you and your family.
    ~Maureen Lytle


  2. We love you and are praying for you all. Hope you can visit us both coming and going on your trip! Praying for Tirzah also..what an undertaking!


  3. Still praying for you and the family, faithful brother! And we will be praying for Tirzah too, so her studies will go well. The investment in the studies, even without a win, is worth it all. Can’t get too much Scripture in you!


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