Decisions, decisions

As it’s been a couple of weeks since I provided any update, here’s the latest:

During the first few weeks of this illness I was extremely weak, my bones felt like I had a fever but I didn’t, I had almost no appetite and was losing weight fast.  If I tried to walk up the stairs I was out of breath half-way up and the only position for relief from internal pain was flat on my back.

Jakafi is a medication developed specifically for myelofibrosis and as as I began taking it the aforementioned symptoms gradually diminished.   Over the past week, however, some of the symptoms have returned limiting my mobility a little.

Meanwhile, it’s been a treat to have Sarah, Jon & their kids along with Keren & Moriah here this week.  We’re planning family pictures and a birthday celebration later in the week.  Thanks to modern technology we can get pics of each family when it is convenient for them and composite them together into a classy portrait (my birthday gift to the family).

Blood tests continue to indicate that my system is holding its own and, with increased appetite, I’m slowly gaining back some weight.   All the doctors agree that I should continue for 2-3 more months on this before attempting a bone marrow transplant.  So, that’s the plan.

We’ve been in contact with a large hospital in Vellore, India (started in the 1800’s by Ida Scudder) which has a marvelous mission statement and outstanding expertise in bone marrow transplants.  You might like to read about it at  Their price is about 1/10th the cost to have it done here in the States.

On the natural front I continue to supplement/reinforce the immune system with a variety of “potions.”  On the spiritual front I am the beneficiary of heart-felt prayers lifted up on my behalf -and we continue to listen for the Lord’s mind and purpose in this unusual season.

So, your prayers for wisdom are much appreciated.   Many have given sacrificially to help us through the financial challenges and we don’t anticipate needing more than will be reimbursed by (our insurance alternative) if we do go overseas.

Some of my waking hours have been spent rebuilding our website.  It’s not nearly done but you can sneak a peak if you’d like:

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  1. “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you my abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13 You and your family are in our prayers!


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