The Finale — Day 11

May 11, Monday

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ACT SIX – The Destruction of Babylon

SCENE 1 – The Major Players

One of the seven angels carrying the bowls of judgment called to me, “Come here and I will show you what happens to the great prostitute. She is seated upon many waters; the kings of the earth are in bed with her; indeed, everyone on earth got drunk on her sensual delights.”

Then the angel carried me away in spirit into the desert where I saw the woman:

  • She was riding a scarlet creature with seven heads and ten horns that was tattooed all over with blasphemous words.
  • She was dressed in purple and scarlet and decked out with all kinds of jewelry, gold, and precious gems.
  • She was carrying a cup full of all the perversions of the earth, along with her own foul passions.
  • She had a name emblazoned on her forehead: “Babylon the Great, mother of all prostitutes and perversions.”
  • I could see that she was drunk — drunk on the blood of God’s people and those martyred for Jesus.

The angel could tell that I was mystified by what I was seeing. “Why are you amazed by this?” he asked. “Let me explain the mystery of the woman and the animal with seven heads and ten horns on which she was riding:

  • The animal she was riding lived long ago and is no more, but it will rise up out of the bottomless pit before going to its final destruction.
  • Everyone living on earth whose names are not included in the Book of Life (written down before the world began) will be stunned and impressed by the reappearance of the beast.

“Now understand the meaning of all this:

  • The seven heads represent seven mountains on which the woman sits.
  • The seven heads also signify seven kings:
    • Five of these kingdoms are history.
    • One of the seven is reigning now.
    • The seventh has not yet appeared; but when it does, it will be short-lived.
  • The beast mentioned before is actually an eighth king. He was one of the seven who passed off the scene but returns at the end only to face final destruction.
  • The ten horns are ten more kings who have not yet begun their reign:
    • They will receive authority to be kings along with the beast, albeit very briefly.
    • They will go to war against the Lamb.
  • The Lamb, together with His called, chosen, and faithful followers, will overcome them all. He is the Lord of lords and King of kings.
  • The woman we have described is the great city which dominates the kings of the earth.
  • The waters on which she sits are the vast multitudes, people of every tribe and language.
  • The ten horns and the beast despise her, ravage and strip her naked, and finally burn her with fire. These ten kings unite in bringing down Babylon because God has put it in their hearts to do so, thus accomplishing His purposes and fulfilling His word.”