Psalm 52

AhimelechBackstory: 1 Samuel 22 (Saul is seeking to kill David)
Saul Slays the Priests of Nob after Doeg reveals their support of David as recorded here:
…8″For all of you have conspired against me so that there is no one who discloses to me when my son makes a covenant with the son of Jesse, and there is none of you who is sorry for me or discloses to me that my son has stirred up my servant against me to lie in ambush, as it is this day.” 9Then Doeg the Edomite, who was standing by the servants of Saul, said, “I saw the son of Jesse coming to Nob, to Ahimelech the son of Ahitub. 10″He inquired of the LORD for him, gave him provisions, and gave him the sword of Goliath the Philistine.”…

Why do you boast of evil plots
You worker of deceit?
You have no clue that God above
Extends His steadfast love.

Your sharpened tongue seeks to destroy
Loves evil more than good
Devouring people day and night
Not speaking what is right.

But God will strike you down for good
He’ll tear you from your tent
Uproot you from your earthly home
No longer free to roam.

The righteous will observe and laugh
And this is what they’ll say,
“The man who will not trust in God
Relies on a façade.

“He trusted in his own great wealth
And on his evil plots
He would not call on God to save
His hopes lie in the grave.”

But I am like an olive tree
Within the house of God
His steadfast love fore’er I trust
That’s how I stay robust.

Forever I will thank you, God
For what You’ve done for me
And to the saints I will proclaim
My hope in Your good Name.

© 2014 J Dan Small