Psalm 86

FoxholesI am poor and needy, O Lord please hear my prayer
I trust in You to save me, believing that You care
In faithfulness I’ve served You, now hear my constant plea
And fill my heart with joy, Lord, I lift my soul to Thee.

I know that You are good, Lord, forgiving, full of grace
And all who call upon You, in mercy You embrace
Now heed my supplication, in trouble I cry out
I know that You will answer, I trust and will not doubt.

There is no one like You, Lord, among the many gods
All nations bow in worship, Your wondrous deeds applaud
Your works are great and awesome, with none they can compare
For You alone are God, ‘tis Your glory we declare.

Teach me all Your ways, Lord, give me a single heart
So that I may fear You, from Your truth ne’er depart
With all my heart I thank You and glorify Your name
You’ve saved my soul from Sheol, from depths of endless shame.

A ruthless gang of rebels has risen against me
In pride they seek to kill me but give no thought to Thee
Now in Your faithful mercies fresh strength and grace I seek
Look down, God of compassion, your servant is so weak.

O God, so slow to anger and filled with loving grace
Give me a sign of favor against these foes I face
O Lord, You are my comfort, my help in time of need
And all my foes reduced to shame because to You I plead.

© 2014 J Dan Small