Psalm 102

Ps 102O Lord, please hear my prayer
Don’t hide Your face from me
My soul is in despair
Won’t You respond quickly?

Like smoke my life doth fade
My bones burn like a fire
Alone, I am afraid
For food I’ve no desire.

Withered to skin and bones
Like grass that’s turned to hay
I cry out with loud groans
Taunted both night and day.

I lie awake in pain
Deserted and alone
My enemies profane
They mock, curse, and disown.

The ashes are my bread
My drink is mixed with tears
Your anger is my dread
Rejected in my fears.

Like evening shadows pass
My life will soon be gone
Wither and dry like grass
But You, O Lord, live on.

O Lord, Your throne fore’er endures
This truth, for Zion, hope secures
‘Tis time for You to pity her
Arise and Your compassion stir.

When You appear in glorious might
Nations will fear at the dread sight
When Zion sees Your glory bright
This answered prayer will bring delight.

Record this now so heirs will know
Your children’s children praise the Lord
From heav’n He looked on earth below
The pris’ners groans were not ignored.

Declare His Name in Zion’s gates
As nations gather, sing His praise
His glorious deeds each one relates
They serve the Lord through all their days.

When life was going well
The Lord my strength did break
Could this be my death knell
With half my life at stake?

“Have mercy, God,” I said
“Don’t take my life from me
“It’s just half-gone,” I pled
You dwell eternally.

In the beginning earth You made
The heav’ns Your hands did set in space
Like worn out clothes they soon will fade
They’ll pass away and be replaced.

Your years, O Lord, shall never end
Forever You remain the same
On You our children can depend
And their heirs, too, with You shall reign.

© 2014  J Dan Small

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