Psalm 85

Ps 85O Adonai, such grace You’ve shown
The captives are set free
You covered all Your people’s sins
Forgave iniquity.

For You withdrew Your wrath toward us
Your anger turned away
Restore us as the God who saves
Your anger don’t display.

Must every generation feel
Your anger and Your wrath?
Would You revive us once again
Restore us to Your path?

Show us Your lovingkindness, Lord
And Your salvation bring
For then Your people will rejoice
Your praises we will sing.

Now heed the voice of God, the Lord
To you He will speak peace
He saves all those who fear His name
Who from their follies cease.

For grace and truth have met in Him
Justice and peace embraced
The glory of the Lord now dwells
With those who seek His face.

Truth springs afresh across the earth
And justice from the skies
Indeed, our Lord gives what is good
What blessings He supplies.

When the Lord reigns goodness abounds
Abundance everywhere
Justice a pathway makes for Him
The course has been prepared.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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