Psalm 53

“There is no God!” the fool declaresFist
His heart depraved and base
While God looks down on man’s affairs
For one who seeks His face.

Is there in all the human race
E’en one who understands?
Together they’ve become debased
So far from what He planned.

Not one of them does what is good
No, not a single one
Corrupt, they won’t do what they should
God’s wisdom they all shun.

When will the wicked ever learn
That this cannot end well?
When they His plan and people spurn
They will end up in hell.

They eat my people up like bread
They will not call on God
Not knowing they will soon be dead
Their bones all spread abroad.

When out of Zi’n salvation comes
Our fortunes are restored
Then will rejoice all Jacob’s sons
Glad praises be outpoured.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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